Sunday, May 6, 2012

Italy : Bocconi Scholarship for International Students

For International students enrolling in the first year of a Master of Science program at Bocconi

Bocconi University offers up to 40 need-based scholarships to international students enrolling in a Master of Science Program at Bocconi. The awarding of the scholarship also takes into consideration academic performances of the students.


The Scholarship consists of full tuition waiver worth approximately €11.000 per year for a maximum of 2 academic years. The renewal of the scholarship is subject to meeting merit criteria.
Scholarship applications must be submitted by the same deadline as that of Bocconi on-line admission's application as stated below.


Only applicants who meet all the following conditions will be taken into consideration for the awarding of the scholarship:
- Non-Italian citizenship;
- Non-Italian residence;
- A non-Italian Undergraduate degree earned abroad or in Italy;
- Admission granted for the first year of a Bocconi Master of Science program in the a.y. 2012-2013 (please note that the application must be submitted before admission: this requirement will be considered only at a later stage);

Students who meet any of the following conditions will NOT be taken into consideration:
- previously enrolled in a graduate program in Italy or abroad;
- have earned a graduate level university degree;
- recipient of a scholarship awarded for the AY 2012-13 by private or public institutions.


Applicants must complete and submit the online Bocconi Scholarship application form, available at www.unibocconi. eu/finaidapplica tions, by the same deadline as that of their Bocconi on-line admission's application. Please refer to the deadline indicated in the table below; on-line applications submitted after the proper deadline will be not considered.
Application Deadline : 10 May 2012

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