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Science and Technology PhD Scholarships 2014

Scholarships in Science and Technology are aimed at exceptional students who wish to start their PhD study in October 2014. They provide full tuition fees, a generous stipend and access to a grant towards research training support. Funding is available to provide up to 75 students with the opportunity to work in their chosen field, with excellent supervision.
Application Deadline: See Details

Successful applicants will be part of a thriving and vibrant community of postgraduate research students, across the Science and Technology faculty. The Science and Technology Graduate School offers a Research Development Programme, closely aligned with the Researcher Development Framework and puts on events that provide excellent opportunities for networking and collaborative work.
Funding & Eligibility
For faculty scholarships, the following financial support will be received:
  • Full funding of tuition fees
  • A stipend of £13,863 per year in line with RCUK guidelines
  • Access to a Research Training Support Grant
  • Scholarships will run for for 3.5 years for home/eu students, and for 3 years for overseas students.
  • Externally funded grants are subject to different conditions, which can be outlined by the relevant department.

Further Details:
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International Business Leader Postgraduate Scholarships, Australia

The University of Sydney Business School is offering up to twenty scholarships for local and international students undertaking one of the eligible single Masters postgraduate coursework programs offered in semester 2, 2014.
Application Deadline: 19 June 2014
The scholarships are awarded on merit to the most outstanding applicants against the following selection criteria of academic achievement, leadership capabilities, ambassadorial potential and motivation to succeed in business in a socially responsible way. The scholarships will cover 50% of the tuition fees for up to 16 units of study, pending normal degree duration.
The Business School is currently taking applications from students who will be commencing one of the eligible Masters degrees in semester 2, 2014.
Only candidates that are expected to commence study in one of the following degrees in semester 2, 2014 may apply for the Business Leader Postgraduate Scholarship.
  • Master of Commerce
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Professional Accounting
  • Master of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations
  • Master of International Business
  • Master of Logistics Management
  • Master of Marketing
  • Master of Transport Management
  • Master of Management
  • Master of Management (CEMS)

Scholarships will be awarded to candidates commencing one of the nominated Masters degrees in semester 2, 2014.

Further Details:
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International Graduate Students Scholarships, Kasetsart University, Thailand

Faculty of Agro-Industry, Kasetsart University offers scholarships for new international students to undertake graduate studies (PhD and MS).
Application Deadline: 31 May 2014
Amount awarded will be one of two types as follows:
Type 1 (Full tuition and fee): 10 scholarships Grantee will receive a full tuition and enrollment fee waiver for 3 consecutive years for PhD students and 2 consecutive years for Master’s students.
Type 2 (Full tuition and fee, and monthly stipend): 10 scholarships Grantee will receive a full tuition and enrollment fee waiver and monthly stipends for living expenses at the rate of 10,000 Thai Baht for 3 consecutive years for Ph.D. students and 2 consecutive years for Master’s students.
Scholarship applicants are required to apply for admission to Kasetsart University in the graduate program they have applied for the scholarships. Please note that this application will be considered together with your Application for Admission and the supporting documents you provided with your application.
Further Details:
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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Academic scholarships for Non-Saudis

Academic scholarships for Non-Saudis

Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides university scholarships for Non-Saudis to study at Saudi universities. Beneficiaries of government funded scholarships are :

- Non-Saudi students who hold valid residency permits
- Non-Saudi students outside the Kingdom

The scholarship to study in Saudi universities fall into three categories of different features :

- Full scholarships , where student gets all the benefits
- Partial scholarships, where student gets some of the benefits.  These include scholarships where the academic institution provides the seat only or a seat and dormitory placement.
- Paid scholarships.  These are scholarships paid by a donor and not by the academic institution.

All above mentioned scholarships are governed by the rules of academic institutions' board provided that such rules do not contradict higher education bylaws and regulations applied. ​

To apply:

Spain : 340 PhD Positions at Pompeu Fabra University

340 PhD Positions at Pompeu Fabra University, Spain

Doctoral Information and Comunicaction Technologies 
Information and Communication Technologies - PhDDepartment of Information and Communications Technologies   
Doctoral Translation and Language Sciences
Translation and Language Sciences - PhD Department of Translation and Language Sciences 
Doctoral Biomedicine
Biomedicine - PhD Department of Experimental and Health Sciences 
Doctoral Political and Social Science 
Political and Social Sciences - PhD Department of Political and Social Sciences  
Doctoral History
History - PhD Institut Universitari d'Història Jaume Vicens i Vives 
Doctoral Humanities
Humanities - PhD Department of Humanities  
Doctoral Law
Law Department of Law 
Doctoral Economics, Finance and Management
Economics, Finance and Management - PhDDepartment of Economics and Business 
Doctoral Communication
Communication - PhD Departament of Communication 

Final application status publication dates
1st application periodFebruary, 18th, 2014
2nd application periodApril, 11th, 2014
3rd application periodJune, 13th, 2014
4th application periodJuly, 18th, 2014
Application Deadline : 18 February 2014

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Swinburne University Chancellor’s Research Scholarship (CRS) in Australia, 2014

Swinburne University of Technology is offering Chancellor’s Research Scholarship (CRS) for pursuing higher degree by research (HDR) at Swinburne University of Technology, Australia for the duration of three years. Chancellors Research Scholarships are open to all research doctorate applicants (international, Australian and New Zealand citizens). The scholarship covers tuition fees and provides an annual stipend of $30,000, an Establishment Grant of up to $3,000 and up to $5000 for a 6 month overseas placement in a collaborating laboratory or organization nominated by Swinburne. The application deadline is 16 May 2014 for mid year round.
Study Subject (s): This scholarship is available for the courses offered by the University.
Course Level: This scholarship is available for pursuing higher degree by research (HDR) at Swinburne University of Technology.
Scholarship Provider: Swinburne University of Technology
Scholarship can be taken at: Australia

-Local or international students are applicable for the Scholarship.
-Students must meet the University’s enrollment eligibility criteria including language proficiency.
-Students must have completed a Bachelor’s Degree with First Class Honour.
-Students must be undertaking a Research Doctorate.
-Students must be enrolled for a full-time program, unless the university has approved a part-time CRS for the student under these Guidelines.
-Students must not previously have held a postgraduate research scholarship (some exceptions may apply, contact winburne Research for more information).
-Students must not be receiving an equivalent award, scholarship (excluding an IPRS) or salary providing a benefit greater than 75% of the APA stipend rate, to undertake the HDR. Income from sources unrelated to the course of study is permitted but must be within the confines of HDR policy section 7.9 ‘Employment Commitments.
-Students must undertake a 6 month overseas research placement at an institution identified and approved by Swinburne University.

Scholarship Open for International Students: International, Australian and New Zealand citizens can apply for this scholarship.
Scholarship Description: The Swinburne University Chancellor’s Research Scholarship (CRS ) is the University’s premier research award. They are awarded to students of exceptional research potential to undertake a higher degree by research (HDR). The successful applicants will become members of a research team working under the direction of senior researchers. The awards provide an annual stipend of $30,000, an Establishment Grant of up to $3,000 and up to $5000 for a 6 month overseas placement in a collaborating laboratory or organization nominated by Swinburne. This overseas placement is a condition of the award. The scholarship also covers tuition fees.
Number of awards (s): Not Known
Duration of award (s): Scholarship is offered for 3 years.
What does it cover? The awards provide an annual stipend of $30,000, an Establishment Grant of up to $3,000 and up to $5000 for a 6 month overseas placement in a collaborating laboratory or organization nominated by Swinburne. This overseas placement is a condition of the award. The scholarship also covers tuition fees.
Selection Criteria: Swinburne University monitors students’ ongoing eligibility to ensure that the students continue to meet the eligibility requirements set out in these Guidelines and University policies as they relate to HDR students. Continuation of the scholarship is dependent on the student maintaining satisfactory progress.
Notification: Not Known
How to Apply: If you wish to be considered for a scholarship you must complete the scholarship portion of the candidature application form. Research degree candidature is considered all year round. Visit the application page for information on applying for a research degree.
Scholarship Application Deadline: The application deadline is 16 May 2014 for mid year round.

PhD Scholarships for Australian and International Students in Australia, 2014

The School of Computer Science and IT is offering twelve PhD scholarships to high achieving international and domestic students for various areas of research. There are twelve scholarships available, valued at up to $25,000 per annum for three years (no extension possible) and international candidates may be eligible for a tuition waiver. Applicant must have an honours/master degree in the area of Computer Science or related disciplines and must be studying a PhD in RMIT’s School of Computer Science at RMIT in Melbourne. The application deadline is 31 October 2013.

Study Subject(s): The twelve PhD scholarships available for PhD research are in the following areas:
-Web service design for transportation networks
-Multi-objective optimization and data mining for journey planning
-Engineering optimization with Swarm Intelligence techniques
-Machine learning and data mining applied to theme park game-play experience
-Answering Real-time Questions from Arabic Social Media
-TRIIBE: Tracking indoor information behaviour
-Sub-collection retrieval: understanding and improving search engines
-Big data analytics
-Big data medical analytics
-Crowd sourcing and data mining
-Modelling and Understanding Human Behaviour for Simulation
-Agent based simulation for sustainable urban growth

Course Level: Scholarships are available for pursuing PhD degree level at RMIT in Australia.

Scholarship Provider: RMIT in Australia
Scholarship can be taken at: Australia

Eligibility: To be eligible for this scholarship you must:
-have an honours/master degree in the area of Computer Science or related disciplines
-meet RMIT’s PhD entry requirements or
-be studying a PhD in RMIT’s School of Computer Science at RMIT in Melbourne.

Scholarship Open for International Students: Australian and international students can apply for these scholarships.

Scholarship Description: The School of Computer Science and IT is offering twelve PhD scholarships to high achieving international and domestic students for various areas of research. This School is internationally recognized for its research strength and is ranked in the top eight Australian universities for Computer Science and Information Systems (according to QS World University Rankings).

Number of award(s): 12 Scholarships are offered.
Duration of award(s): Scholarships are offered for three years.
What does it cover? There are twelve scholarships available, valued at up to $25,000 per annum for three years (no extension possible). International candidates may be eligible for a tuition waiver.
Selection Criteria: Not Known
Notification: Not Known
How to Apply: To apply for one of these scholarships, you must complete an application consisting of:
-a one page research proposal outlining your interest and suitability for the above projects
-a detailed curriculum vitae
-undergraduate and honours/master transcripts
-contact details of two referees.
-Submit your application via email directly to Associate Professor Xiaodong Li (

Scholarship Application Deadline: The application deadline is 31 October 2013.

Nanyang Fellows MBA Scholarship for International Students at NTU in Singapore, 2014

Nanyang Technological University is offering partial scholarships for outstanding international candidates. Scholarship is open to international applicants seeking to pursue a full-time Nanyang Fellows MBA programme at NTU. Singaporeans and Singapore Permananent Residents are not eligible to apply. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree with a strong academic capability. IELTS and TOEFL are required. The duration of scholarship is of one year which covers partial tuition fee of the Nanyang Fellows MBA Programme. Application deadline is 31st January 2014.

Study Subject(s): The scholarship is awarded in the field of business adminisrration at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.
Course Level: This scholarship is for pursuing Masters- MBA at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.
Scholarship Provider: Nanyang Technological University
Scholarship can be taken at: Singapore

•A good bachelor’s degree
•At least 8 years of management or senior professional experience
•For applicants whose university degree was not imparted in English, a minimum score of 600 for paper-based, 250 for computer-based and above 100 for internet-based in TOEFL or a minimum band score of 6.5 in IELTS is required.
•Proven leadership potential
•Strong academic capability
•Character and personal qualities
•One should not hold any other scholarship, fellowship or bursary concurrently during the prescribed period of the award

Scholarship Open for Students of Following Countries: This MBA scholarship is open for international students.

Scholarship Description: We offer attractive partial scholarships to outstanding international candidates of exceptional ability and sterling track record.

Number of awards offered: Not Known

Duration of award(s): Each scholarship is tenable for a period of 1 year (from start to end of programme) only.

What does it cover? Each scholarship shall cover partial tuition fee of the Nanyang Fellows MBA Programme.

How to Apply: Online application to the programme is available at Applicants who have been offered a place in the programme may then apply for the scholarship.
Scholarship Application Deadline: Candidates applying to the programme commencing in July 2014 and who intends to apply for the scholarship should submit their online application by 31st January 2014.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Germany : PhD Position in Soil Science

The Soil Sciences at the Martin Luther University Halle offer a doctoral researcher position by 1 December 2013 for three years. Salary is TV-L E13 (65%), according to the German TV-L system.

With rock phosphorus resources becoming increasingly depleted, development of more efficient use of phosphorus is a major near-future research task. In response, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft - DFG sponsors a large-scale research programme on Ecosystem Nutrition: Forest Strategies for Limited Phosphorus Resources, aiming at studying the mechanisms of the relative efficient phosphorus cycling
within forest ecosystems.

Objectives and work schedule
With mineral sources of phosphorus become increasingly scarce with progressing ecosystem development, forests start recycling organic phosphorus. Inorganic phosphorus forms tend to be bound strongly to secondary minerals, thus, it is hardly available to plants but also not leached from soil. Instead, phosphorus leaching losses tend to be governed by mobile organic forms, whatever state the ecosystem is in. Microbial compounds such as nucleotides and nucleic acids seem to form the most mobile fraction of dissolved organic phosphorus in soils,
while plant-derived compounds such as phytate are less prone to leaching. However, those potentially mobile microbial compounds are  labile to enzymatic hydrolysis, thus, the phosphorus contained may be taken up by plants, thus, minimizing the phosphorus leaching losses of recycling ecosystems.

The proposed research aims at understanding the chemical characteristics of dissolved organic phosphorus compounds controlling their mobility, the controls on the composition of dissolved organic phosphorus, and if dissolved organic phosphorus is plant available. We will collect forest floor seepage water and solutions from mineral soils along a gradient of phosphorus availability. These solutions will be analyzed for chemical organic phosphorus species, using
spectroscopic methods (basically NMR, complemented by XPS and XANES analyses on selected samples), and for enzymatic release of the phosphorus contained (in combination with spectroscopic methods). This approach will inform on mobile and labile dissolved organic phosphorus compounds. Similar analyses will be carried out on solutions deriving from other proposed experiments on potential controls (drought, pH) on dissolved phosphorus release, in order to track changes in composition, thus, chemical and biological reactivity of dissolved
organic phosphorus. Laboratory assays will be used to address the potential mobility of organic phosphorus species (sorption experiments, in combination with spectroscopic methods) as well as experiments with labelled compounds. The latter will address the potential plant uptake of dissolved organic phosphorus, either after enzymatic hydrolysis or by direct of small molecules.

Requested qualifications
M. Sc. or equivalent degree in forest science, agricultural sciences, geosciences, geoecology, environmental sciences or related disciplines, preferably with a strong background in soil science or geoscience, as well as experiences in field and laboratory studies. The field work requires a stable physical condition and a certain degree of flexibility to adapt to different working environments.

For further details and questions Dr. Klaus Kaiser

Complete applications, including a summary of M.Sc. thesis, shall be submitted to

Dr. Klaus Kaiser
Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg
Soil Sciences
von-Seckendorff-Platz 3
06120 Halle (Saale)
Phone: +49-345-55-22530

Applications will be considered until 1 November 2013 or until the position is filled.
Application Deadline : 1 November 2013

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Netherlands : Two PhD candidates to work on Process Mining

The Architecture of Information Systems (AIS) group of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e) in collaboration with Perceptive Software, a business unit of Lexmark International, are looking for
Two PhD candidates to work on Process Mining
The Data Science Centre Eindhoven (DSC/e) is TU/e’s response to the growing volume and importance of data ( One of the initiatives of DSC/e is the “Adding Value to Network and Web Data” Impulse program aiming at supporting excellent research and more intensive collaboration with innovative organizations such as Perceptive Software.
The AIS group is one of the leading groups in the exciting new field of process mining ( Process mining techniques focus on process discovery (extracting process models from event logs), conformance checking (comparing normative models with the reality recorded in event logs), and extension (extending models based on event logs). The work resulted in the development of the ProM framework that is widely used in industry and serves as a platform for new process mining techniques used by research groups all over the globe. Moreover, many of the techniques developed in the context of ProM have been embedded in commercial tools. See also
Perceptive Software builds process and content management software that help organizations to bring business processes under control that deal with both structured and unstructured information (see Its products include state-of-the-art process management tools. The company and its predecessor in the Netherlands, Pallas Athena, have been closely working together with the AIS group for more than 15 years in areas like process modeling, case handling, simulation, and process mining. In 2012, the Perceptive BPM Research center was established at TU/e to strengthen the mutual cooperation.
In the context of DSC/e's Impulse program we are looking for two PhD candidates to work on process mining:
PhD 1 will work on the new process cube notion where ideas from process mining, big data, and OLAP technologies are combined to answer a variety of questions. Event data are sliced and diced and one can drill-down to apply more detailed process mining analyses. This is also closely related to managing collections of process models, dealing with huge data sets, and distributed process mining.
PhD 2 will work on analysis techniques that help organizations to detect trends within their own operations on the basis of the hybrid and vast amounts of data that are processed and stored by the enterprise systems they use. The idea is to integrate outcomes from process mining analyses, social network analyses, and natural language processing to obtain new insights on how they perform as a whole and for specific departments/products/customers.
These projects will be supervised by prof. Wil van der Aalst ( and prof. Hajo Reijers (


We are looking for two candidates that meet the following requirements:
  • a solid background in Computer Science or Information Systems with an interest in process mining;
  • knowledge of data mining and machine learning and/or process modeling and formal methods (demonstrated by a relevant Master);
  • candidates from non-Dutch or non-English speaking countries should be prepared to prove their English language skills;
  • good communicative skills in English, both in speaking and in writing;
  • moreover, candidates are expected to realize research ideas in terms of prototype software, so software development skills are needed.
Note that we are looking for candidates that really want to make a difference and like to work on things that have a high practical relevance while having the ability to work in one of the strongest research groups in the world.

Appointment and salary

PhD 1 will be employed by the TU/e using the standard conditions for Dutch universities. See more information on working at TU/e, salary, fringe benefits, etc.
PhD 2 will be employed by Perceptive Software as a junior researcher. See for more information on a career within Perceptive Software.
Application: Interested candidates are requested to send an application by e-mail to Mrs. Ine van der Ligt (e-mail: with the subject field “Process Mining Vacancies AIS”.
The application should consist of the following parts:
  • motivational letter;
  • a curriculum vitae;
  • copies of diplomas.
Applications should be received by November 1st, 2013. In the application, candidates should relate their expertise to process mining research ( and describe their language and software development skills.
Application Deadline : 1 November 2013

Finland : the Doctoral Programme in Computer Science (DoCS)

The University of Helsinki is one of the best multidisciplinary research universities in the world. The high-quality research carried out by the university creates new knowledge for educating diverse specialists in various fields, and for utilisation in social decision-making and the business sector. The University of Helsinki is an international academic community of 40,000 students and staff members. It operates on four campuses in Helsinki and at 17 other locations.
The University will introduce a doctoral education system consisting of four doctoral schools and 32 doctoral programmes at the beginning of 2014. The goal of the reform is to improve the quality and efficiency of the doctoral education.
The University of Helsinki invites applications for DOCTORAL STUDENT POSITIONS in the Doctoral Programme in Computer Science (DoCS) for a 1–4 year period starting from 1.1.2014.
The general theme of the DoCS doctoral programme is computer science. The focal areas are the same as those of the Department of Computer Science: data analysis (“Alko”), data networks and services (“Nodes”), and software research (“Softsys”). These also correspond to the three specialization areas or sub-programmes of the Department. At the university level, the programme directly supports the strategic focus area “Exact Thinking” (Precise Reasoning). The DoCS programme actively collaborates with Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT, EIT ICT Labs, and computer science related department at the Aalto University.
The duties of a doctoral student are to work on his or her own doctoral thesis and to complete his or her postgraduate studies. The duties also include teaching and other tasks.
A doctoral student must hold a second-cycle degree and have an approved research proposal. Other requirements include the ability and motivation, as demonstrated in previous degree studies or otherwise, to pursue postgraduate studies and a doctoral degree according to the study plan and research proposal. The appointee must hold the right to pursue a doctoral degree at the University of Helsinki by the start of the appointment.
Good command of English is a necessary prerequisite for this position.
The University of Helsinki offers a salary dependent on qualifications and work experience. The salary will be based on levels 2–4 of the job requirement scheme for teaching and research personnel in the salary system of Finnish universities. In addition, the appointee shall be paid a salary component based on personal work performance. The salary will be EUR 2022–2970 per month, depending on the appointee’s qualifications and work experience. The appointment starts with a probationary period of four months.
The application material consists of (1) an electronic form to be filled in at, (2) a PhD studies portfolio in one pdf file attached to the form and including
·        a letter of introduction (including the contact information of the applicant),
·        a curriculum vitae,
·        relevant diplomas,
·        transcripts of studies,
·        an English language certificate,
·        a research plan and study plan for the whole period of PhD studies including a financing plan, and
·        a publication list with contribution explanations,
as well as (3) at most three recommendation letters (one from the supervisor and at most two from some other senior researchers).
All materials are to be submitted in English. The deadline for
submitting the abovementioned materials is 28th of October, 2013, at 15.45 pm EET. The application materials will not be returned.
For additional information on the application process, please contact Research Coordinator Pirjo Moen, +358 9 191 51389,
Application Deadline : 31 October 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Trent University Entrance Scholarships for Canadian and International Students in Canada, 2014

Trent University offers entrance scholarships for undergraduate students in the UK. All students, Canadian and International, applying to Trent will be automatically considered for Trent University Entrance Scholarships. These are awarded for academic excellence. The scholarships will provide CDN$1,000 to CDN$3,000 (Trent University entrance scholarships) and CDN$1,000 (IB entrance scholarships). IB Entrance scholarships can be combined with a Trent University Entrance Scholarships.
Study Subject (s): Scholarships are provided to learn any of the courses offered by Trent University in Canada.
Course Level: Scholarships are available for pursuing undergraduate degree level at Trent University in Canada.
Scholarship Provider: Trent University, Canada

How to Apply: All students applying to Trent will be automatically considered for Trent University Entrance Scholarships. Documents should be sent via post to the Trent International Program office.
Scholarship Application Deadline: The application deadline is February 15, 2014 for September 2014 entry.
Further Official Scholarship Information and Application

Melbourne International Fee Remission Scholarships for Graduate Research Degree in Australia, 2014

University of Melbourne offers Melbourne International Fee Remission Scholarships in Australia. Scholarships are available for pursuing graduate research degree studies at the University of Melbourne. Applicants who have commenced the graduate research degree for which they are seeking scholarship must have at least 12 months full time or equivalent candidature remaining from January 1st in the following year. A scholarship will not be offered to a student who, as a result of prior candidature and/or prior scholarship, is entitled to a maximum tenure of less than 12 months. The MIFRS covers full tuition costs but not overseas student health care.
Study Subject (s): Scholarships are provided to learn any of the courses offered by the University of Melbourne.
Course Level: Scholarships are available for pursuing graduate research degree (masters by research, PhD or other research doctorate) studies at the University of Melbourne.
Scholarship Provider: University of Melbourne, Australia
Scholarship can be taken at: Australia

Scholarship Open for International Students: International students can apply for these scholarships.
Scholarship Description: The Melbourne International Fee Remission Scholarship (MIFRS) is awarded to international students wishing to undertake graduate research degree studies at the University of Melbourne. MIFRSs are funded by the University with each faculty having a limited number to award.
Number of award(s): Each year the University of Melbourne offers about 150 MIFRSs.
What does it cover? The MIFRS covers full tuition costs, but not overseas student health care.
Scholarship Application Deadline: Applicants Deadlines are 31st October 2013 and 31st May 2014.
Further Official Scholarship Information and Application

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Malaysian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP) for Commonwealth Countries, 2013/2014

The Malaysian Government offers Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP) for the students of commonwealth countries to study at the postgraduate level in Malaysia. The scholarship is awarded for up to 12 to 24 months for master courses depending upon the course and up to 3 years for PhD degree. The awards are only applicable for candidates pursuing full-time degree programme in Malaysia. Deadline for application is 10 September, 2013.

Call for 107 Doctoral Positions at University of Oulu in Finland, 2014

University of Oulu Graduate School now invites applications for 101 doctoral positions and six additional “open research project” positions for 2014–2017. The duration of the funded position is for two years (ending on 31st December 2015) or for four years (ending on 31st December 2017). Depending on the Doctoral Programme, the funded period may include a trial period of up to four months. Applicants may apply for multiple positions open in this call but successful candidates may occupy only one doctoral student position. All applicants must hold a Master’s degree or an equivalent degree (e.g. licentiate) in a relevant field by the end of 2013, and be able to demonstrate sufficient language skills in English or Finnish.

Study Subject(s): Scholarships are awarded in Engineering, Natural sciences, and Environmental sciences, biomedicine, molecular and cell biology, biochemistry, developmental biology, genetics, structural biology and bioinformatics, projects promoting international and/or national cooperation, and interdisciplinary research in biomedicine, molecular and cell biology, biochemistry, developmental biology, genetics, structural biology, bioinformatics, statistics, biocomputing, bioelectronics, humanities, education, business (marketing and management), and human geography, electrical engineering, photonics, electronics design, electronics materials & components, computer science and engineering, communications engineering, and information processing science, clinical medicine, dental science, biomedicine, health science, and medical technology, Northern environment, climate change, resource management, wellbeing in the North and conflict resolution. Six additional “open research project” positions will be allocated to applicants whose research relates to any focus area of the University of Oulu.
Course Level: The positions are available for highly motivated and talented students wishing to undertake and complete training for a research-focused doctoral degree.
Scholarship Provider: University of Oulu
Scholarship can be taken at: Finland

Eligibility: All applicants must hold a Master’s degree or an equivalent degree (e.g. licentiate) in a relevant field by the end of 2013, and be able to demonstrate sufficient language skills in English or Finnish. The degree will have been accredited with good grades (at least 60% of the maximum grade in both taught studies and the Master’s thesis. Lower grades and Bachelor level degree holders will not be considered). Note that these are the minimum requirements for selection; individual Doctoral Programmes may impose additional or more stringent requirements.
Scholarship Open for International Students: Students of Finland can apply for these positions.

Stanford University Online Course on Organizational Analysis

The Stanford University is going to start a new free online course “Organizational Analysis”. This course will be provided in collaboration with Coursera. It is an online platform that provides free online courses in collaboration with higher education institutions.
Click here: for further details and courses

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Master’s Scholarships for Italian and International Students at Milano Fashion Institute in Italy, 2014

Course Level: These scholarships are available for pursuing master’s degree at Milano Fashion Institute, Italy.

Scholarship Provider: Milano Fashion Institute, Italy.
Scholarship can be taken at: Italy

Eligibility: The scholarships are aimed at both Italian citizens and foreigners who wish to attend the Master’s of the Milan Fashion Institute. In order to apply for admission to the Master Milano Fashion Institute, the candidate must be in possession of:
-Qualification at or above Bachelor’s Degree (Bachelor of Art, Master’s of Art, Master’s of Science, Master’s of Science). It is not necessary to have attended previously Degree Courses related fashion.
-Intermediate-level knowledge of the English language. Certifications are not required as it will be subject to verification during the interview with the Education Committee.

Scholarship Open for International Students: Both Italian citizens and foreigners are eligible to apply for these scholarships.
Scholarship Description: 
Milano Fashion Institute
Milano Fashion Institute offers each year to its applicants several scholarships, which cover half the costs of enrollment in the Masters, and are offered by Italian companies active in the fashion industry.

Number of award(s): Several scholarships are awarded annually.
What does it cover? Scholarships will cover half the costs of enrollment in the masters program.
Selection Criteria: Academic commission will consider both income and merit criteria.
How to Apply: The application form for scholarships are included in the “Application Form” of each Master’s, and it is downloadable from site, under the page “Apply”. Once you have submitted the Application Form, the Academic Commission shall decide on any assignment, with notification of the result by the beginning of the course.
Scholarship Application Deadline: The application for scholarship should be submitted by the deadline of enrollment of the Master. For the Masters in 2014, the deadline is November 29, 2013.

Graduate School of Management Master’s Scholarships (Asia/Pacific Islands) in New Zealand, 2013/14

Study Subject(s): Scholarships are provided for studying Master’s of Management, International Business and Professional Accounting at University of Auckland in New Zealand.
Course Level: Scholarships are available for pursuing Master’s degree level at University of Auckland in New Zealand.
Scholarship Provider: The University of Auckland, New Zealand.
Scholarship can be taken at: New Zealand

Eligibility: The Scholarships are tenable by international students who are citizens of a country in  Asia, Melanesia, Micronesia or Polynesia
- To take up and be paid the Scholarship the recipient must be enrolled and have paid the fees, or arranged to pay the fees, for full-time study in a Master’s of Management, Master’s of International Business or Master’s of Professional Accounting degree in the School of Graduate Management at The University of Auckland Business School.

Scholarship Open for International Students: The students of Asia (Afghanistan, Bahrain , Bangladesh ,Bhutan ,Brunei, Cambodia, China, East Timor, India Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Japan Jordan, Kazakhstan, Korea North, Korea South, Kuwait Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Lebanon Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, Oman Pakistan, The Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore ,Sri Lanka, Syria, Taiwan Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkey, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Yemen), Melanesia, Micronesia or Polynesia can apply for these scholarships.
Scholarship Description: 
The University of Auckland
The Scholarships were established in 2013 and are funded by the Graduate School of Management. The main purpose of the Scholarships is to support international students who are citizens of a country in Europe to up-skill and launch a business career by completing a Master’s of Management, Master’s of International Business or Master’s of Professional Accounting degree in the Graduate School of Management at the University of Auckland Business School.

Number of award(s): One or more scholarships are offered.
Duration of award(s): Scholarships are offered for up to one year.
What does it cover? Each scholarship will be of the value of up to $30,000.
Selection Criteria: The scholarships will be awarded on basis of academic merit and a written statement.
Notification: Approximately six weeks after the closing date by letter or email.
 How to Apply: Application is made to Scholarships Office:
Scholarship Application Deadline: The application deadlines are 17 June 2013 (for the September intake in the year of the award) and 1 December 2013 (for the April intake).

Friday, June 14, 2013

Faculty of Information Technology International Merit Scholarship, Monash University, Australia

Monash is a university of transformation. The desire to make a difference informs everything we do. We see a brighter future as more than just possible - it is something for which we are directly responsible; something we can help create. We are launching one of the most comprehensive and generous scholarship programs ever offered in Australia.

  • Based on academic achievement Commencing students can refer to the eligibility table.
  • Continuing Monash students are only eligible for the Level 1 scholarship, and must achieve a minimum of a high distinction average (80%) - you must have completed at least 18 credit points of study
All conditions must be met
  • International student or applicant
  • Commencing or continuing undergraduate or postgraduate (coursework) student
  • On-campus undergraduate or postgraduate (coursework) degree in the Faculty of Information Technology at a Monash campus in Australia.

International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS), University of Western Sydney (UWS) Australia

International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS) are a tuition fee scholarship for full-time study towards a higher degree by research.  These prestigious scholarships are funded by the Australian Government. UWS supports IPRS awardees with a living allowance and overseas student health cover.
Deadline: 16 August 2013


Students from any overseas country, except New Zealand, who are commencing a new research degree course and do not already hold an equivalent degree are eligible to apply. Applicants for coursework awards are not eligible to apply, even where there is a research component in the degree. Students who have already commenced their research degree may not be eligible.
Current AusAID students are ineligible.

How will my application be ranked?

Applicants eligible for consideration for an International Postgraduate Research Scholarship will be ranked by the UWS Research Committee Scholarship Panel, following recommendation from the host School of the Research Centre or Research Group.
Eligible applicants will:
  • have an academic record at least equivalent to an Australian 1st Class Bachelor Honours degree. This is a four year degree with a major research project in the final year, with a score of at least 80 per cent.
  • be supervised in one of UWS’s areas of research concentration

International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS) 2013, Murdoch University, Australia

The International Postgraduate Research Studentship (IPRS) is available to international students who wish to undertake a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Doctor of Education (EdD) or Master by Research (MPhil) and includes tuition fees, health insurance premiums and a living allowance. Scholarships are awarded on academic merit, research experience and/or potential. Applicants should possess an honours degree (at least upper second-class honours) or equivalent.
Deadline: 30 Sep 2013


Applicants must provide evidence of having achieved Murdoch University English language proficiency requirements. These requirements are IELTS (International English Language Testing System) - 6.5 (no individual band less than 6.0) or TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language/ internet based) - Minimum score of 90 with no band less than 20. Exceptions include Nursing and Education which have an IELTS requirement of 7.0.


  • New Zealand citizens or permanent residents.
  • International applicants who have completed a degree at the same or higher level.
  • International applicants who have commenced the degree prior to 1 January and who are seeking an award commencing in the year starting 1 January unless the applicant can establish that they were unable to apply for an award commencing in the previous year.
  • International applicants who are currently studying on a scholarship sponsored by AUSAID or have just completed study on such a scholarship. These students are required to return to their home country for at least one year before returning to Australia.
  • Applicants who have held a Studentship previously, unless it was terminated within three months of the commencement of benefits.
  • International applicants who are in receipt of another equivalent award, scholarship or salary to undertake the proposed study (an ‘equivalent’ stipend would be regarded as one greater than 75% of the base studentship stipend rate). Income earned from sources unrelated to the course of study is not subject to the 75% rule.


Murdoch University provides the successful applicant with a living allowance of AUD $26,200 per annum (2013 rate). The scholarship also includes health insurance which covers the student and their spouse and dependants (if any) for the period of the IPRS. Under the IPRS conditions, travel and relocation costs are the responsibility of the applicant however Murdoch University provides their IPRS recipients with a (partial) allowance for relocation and airfares (based on receipts). Murdoch students also have access to a conference travel allowance once during the course of their degree, maintenance funding set by the Schools and a thesis production allowance.


The award is for a maximum of three years for PhD and EdD studies and two years for MPhil. An extension of up to 6 months may be granted for PhD candidates.

How to apply

You must indicate that you would like to be considered for IPRS on your International Student Application for Admission & Scholarship.

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