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HM King Abdullah II of Jordan Post-Doctoral Fellowship for Sport and Peacebuilding

HM King Abdullah II of Jordan Generations for Peace
Sport and Peacebuilding Post-Doctoral Fellowship
Georgetown University Conflict Resolution Program, Department of Government
The Conflict Resolution Program at Georgetown University is pleased to announce a call for applicants for the HM King Abdullah II of Jordan Generations for Peace, Sport and Peacebuilding Post-Doctoral Fellowship. The fellowship, sponsored by HM King Abdullah II and Generations for Peace, will support innovative research on the intersection of sport and peacebuilding.

Over the past decade, there has been increasing interest in the role of sport in peacebuilding. Numerous initiatives have been established that engage youth in diverse settings in positive engagement; skills building; and dialogue, while addressing the challenges that they face through sports. There is extensive research about the positive impact of participating in sports on the social and intellectual development of youth. Sports, such as soccer and basketball, provide youth with an opportunity to learn the skills of collaboration and teamwork and provide an outlet for positive expression of identity.
While many organizations are pioneering the use of sport in peacebuilding, there is a significant need to provide greater training in the area and conduct applied research regarding the design, implementation, and impact of such programs.
The fellowship is initially for one year, but subject to satisfactory performance renewable for a second year. The fellowship will begin in August 2012.
Candidates will be expected to:
Conduct and publish independent research;
Provide technical assistance to organizations in the field of sport and peacebuilding;
Teach one course per year on sport and peacebuilding in the Georgetown M.A. Program in Conflict Resolution;
Mentor GU students in the field; and
Conduct at least one public talk each semester on sport and conflict.
Candidates for the fellowship will need to focus their research in one of the following areas:
Theory and practice of sports based approaches to individual and collective behavior change in the context of peacebuilding
Measuring the impact or effectiveness of sport and peace building programming
Assessing curriculum and training in sport and peace building
Exploring how to more effectively integrate peace building into sport based programming
Candidates will receive:
A competitive post-doc salary (and benefits);
Funding for field research and conference participation; and
Two research assistants.
Selection Criteria:
Completion of Ph.D. within the past four years;
Demonstrated interest/expertise in youth, sport, and peacebuilding;
Record of previous research/publications
Demonstrated potential to have an impact in the academic and/or policy community.
To apply: Applications should include a cover letter, C.V., three letters of recommendation, a research proposal of 8-10 pages, and sample publications. Review of applications will begin November 30, 2011 and continue until the position is filled. Application materials should be addressed as follows:
Ms. Amanda Ruthven, CR Program Coordinator
M.A. Program in Conflict Resolution, Department of Government
Georgetown University
3240 Prospect Street NW
Washington, DC 20007
Women and minority candidates are encouraged to apply. Georgetown University is an equal opportunity, and affirmative action employer.
Background on the Georgetown Conflict Resolution Program: (
Using the foundation of Georgetown’s considerable talents in government, psychology, business, law, and international relations, the Conflict Resolution Program has rapidly developed an impressive national and international reputation. Housed in the Department of Government, the two-year multidisciplinary Master of Arts program accepted its first cohort of students in the 2005-2006 academic year. The program currently enrolls about 70 students from around the world. The program is training the next generation of researchers and practitioners with the essential skills and multidisciplinary knowledge to effectively analyze and intervene in the complex conflicts challenging the world. A particular emphasis of the program is on conflict mainstreaming, which helps students integrate conflict resolution into diverse sectoral programming areas such as health, education, youth programming, and environment.
Background on Generations for Peace: (
Founded by HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein of Jordan, Generations For Peace (GFP) is a global initiative that contributes to the world’s need for greater tolerance and understanding between conflicting communities; ultimately leading to a demand and desire for peace. Launched in Jordan in April 2007, Generations For Peace uses sport to empower leaders of youth from hostile regions, and to act as agents of change to help instill tolerance; understanding; and ultimately peace.

Iran : Tehran University of Medical Sciences International Scholarship

The Chancellor of Tehran University of Medical Sciences and the President of the International Campus are pleased to announce their first round of scholarships to foreign students who are interested to pursue their studies at TUMS-IC.  The details of these generous scholarships are:
Tehran University of Medical Sciences International Scholarship Program for Academic Year 2012
1.  B.Sc.
2.  M.Sc.
3.  Ph.D.
4.  Subspecialty
5.  Fellowship
6.  Specialty
7.  M.D. or Doctor of Medicine
8.  D.D.S. or Doctor of Dental Surgery
9.  Pharm.D. or Doctor in Pharmacy

1.  School of Medicine
2.  School of Dentistry
3.  School of Pharmacy
4.  School of Advanced Technology in Medicine
5.  School of Allied Health Sciences
6.  School of Public Health
7.  School of Nursing and Midwifery
8.  School of Rehabilitation

International Campus, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran
TUMS Scholarship Program is a scholarship program set up by TUMS-IC  to facilitate students and scholars from all over the world to conduct their study and research at TUMS-IC. The scholarship aims to increase the mutual understanding and scientific exchange of scholars and students of Iran and scholars and students from the rest of the world. TUMS is the best university in the field of medical sciences in Iran and it is the second best medical
university in the Middle East.  For more information please visit: 

The value of the scholarship varies from 3,000 to 15,000 US$.  The scholarship covers students’ first transport from the airport, housing, partial food plans, computer labs, sports and student union membership, library, and internet access.

The prospect precipitants of the Scholarship are welcome to study in one of these areas:

Anatomy, Anesthesiology, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Cardiology, Community Medicine, Dermatology, Emergency Medicine, ENT, Forensic Medicine, General Surgery, Genetics, Geriatrics, Histology, Immunology and Biology, Internal Medicine, Legal Medicine and Occupational Medicine, Medical Education, Medical Ethics, Medical Physics, Microbiology, Molecular Medicine, Neurology, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Medicine,
Obstetrics and Gynecology, Occupational Medicine, Oncology and Radiotherapy, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Parasitology, Pathology, Pediatrics, Pharmacology, Physiology, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Psychiatry,
Pulmonary Medicine, Radiology, Radiotherapy, Reproductive Biology, Social Medicine, Sport Medicine, Tropical
Medicine and Infectious Diseases, Urology, Virology

Community Oral Health, Dental Laboratory Technology, Dental Materials, Endodontics, Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology, Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Oral Medicine and Oral Diagnosis, Orthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Periodontics, Prosthodontics

Biotechnology, Drug and Food Control, Medical Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacognosy, Pharmacotherapy, Radiopharmacy, Toxicology and Pharmacology

Medical Biotechnology, Medical Informatics, Medical Nanotechnology, Molecular Medicine, Neurosciences, Tissue Engineering and Cell Therapy

Anesthesia Technology, Health Care Management, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Medical Library and Information
Sciences, Medical Records, Operation Room Technology, Practical Hematology, Radiology and Radiotherapy Technology

Environmental Health Engineering, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Health Education and Promotion, Health Services,
Management Sciences and Health Economics, Medical Entomology and Vector Control, Medical Parasitology and
Mycology, Nutrition and Biochemistry, Occupational Health Engineering, Pathobiology

Community Health Nursing, Medical-Surgical Nursing, Mother and Child Health, Nursing Management, Obstetrics and
Gynecology, Pediatric Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing, Reproductive Health

Audiology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy


  For undergraduate level of studies:  The applicant must have finished her or his high school.
  For graduate level of studies: The applicant must have had obtained a degree in the field related to her/his desired field of study

  The teaching language will be in English.  The applicant need to have proof of English language ability to write, read, and understand.  Our official language is Persian/Farsi and we will assist those who wish to pursue their education in Persian/Farsi.

  The scholarship is only for non-Iranian citizens.

  Applicant must complete our online Application Form.
  Once the application has been submitted successfully our Scholarship Coordinator will contact the prospect student to submit further documents.

  Applications are accepted all year round. 

  Office of International Affairs, International Campus, Tehran University of Medical Sciences
One Poursina Avenue, Tehran 14176-53861, Iran
Tel.: (+ 98 21) 81 63 42 04,
Application Deadline : 31 December 2011

Nanjing University Scholarship Master and PhD Program for International Students

Chinese Government Scholarship is a scholarship set up by the Chinese government to facilitate students and scholars from all over the world to conduct their study and research in Chinese universities. The scholarship aims to increase the mutual understanding and friendship between people of China and people from the rest of the world and to develop the communication and cooperation between China and the rest of the world in the field of Education, Technology, Culture and Economics

Nanjing University is located in the heart of a historical city Nanjing. It is surrounded by a beautiful scenery, excellent environment and accessible transportation. The University is currently host to 23 schools and 65 departments offering 162 majors for master degrees and 93 PhD degrees. A master degree takes 3 years while a PhD degree takes 3 to 4 years. Nanjing University uses a credit system, acquiring the total number of credits for the degree and successfully passing the oral defense of the Graduation Paper for a student to graduate.
Term Of Scholarship: Scholarship will be tenable for three years and four years from the date of award for masters’ degree and PhD degree, respectively. One-year preparatory education in Chinese language prior to grantees’ study of his major will be provided with full scholarship benefits if deemed necessary.

Program Description:
This program offers international students the chance to delve into learning about China’s economy, philosophy, history, culture, education, the development of contemporary Chinese society, and other fields, as well as a comparative perspective to other countries.
The program will consist of three main focuses:
  • Chinese Philosophy and History,
  • Chinese Society and Economy,
  • Chinese Language, Culture, and Literature.
The program will have the benefits of traditional academic disciplines in addition to a variety of teaching methods including case studies, academic discussions, social practices, and research to foster students’ ability to analyze problems within different fields in China, and assist students with future work experience in China. Using China’s vast domestic resources, students will have hands-on research experience, investigating all aspects of China, including historical and cultural, social, economic, and contemporary issues.


  • Academic Background: Applicant must have completed a four-year undergraduate degree for master degree pursuer and a master degree or equivalent for PhD degree pursuer.
  • Chinese Language: Applicant must be willing to learn Chinese language, if applicable, and receive education in Chinese language.
  • Health: Applicant must be mentally and physically healthy.
  • Students currently studying in China are not applicable. Students who have been granted for other Chinese scholarship or funding(2012-2013) are not applicable.


Allowance: Grantee will be provided a monthly stipend of RMB 1,700 and RMB 2,000 for masters’ degree student and PhD degree student, respectively. School Fees: Fees for matriculation and tuition will be paid by the Chinese government. Health Insurance: A health insurance will be provided to the grantee by CSC for the entire duration of his/her scholarship. Accommodation: A free accommodation will be provided to a grantee in the International Dormitory of the University for the entire duration of the scholarship.


Online application
After fill in the application form on-line (agency number for Nanjing University is 10284), applicant must click the “submit” button and print out application from the application system. After the on-line application is complete, applicants must submit the following documents to the Scholarship Coordinator (address below) by the required date. The submitted documents will not be returned.
1. Printed Applicationform with recent photograph
2. Certified true-copy of Academic transcript and Diploma of highest degree obtained (English Translation is need if transcript and diploma were in language other than Chinese and English)
3. Two recommendation letter from adviser/professor of the last school attended
4.Medical certificate
5.Printed “Code for International Scholarship Students of Nanjing University” with applicant’s signature
The above documents must be written in English. Any document written in any other language must be attached with an English or Chinese translation.

For Further Information, please Contact:
Mr JIANG Cheng
Institute for International Students
Rm. 518 Zengxianzilou, #18 Jinyin Street
Nanjing University, 210093, China
Tel: 0086 -25-83593616
Fax: 0086-25-83316747
E-mail: jiangcheng(at)

Erasmus Mundus MSc Master Scholarship in Food of Life

EM Food of Life is part of the Erasmus Mundus programme initiated by the European Commission to enhance and promote European higher education throughout the world. The two-year Masters Course builts on the expertise of four European universities:
  • University of Copenhagen, UC
  • Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU
  • Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, UAB
  • University of Helsinki, UH
Integration of Animal Science and Food Science and Technology
EM Food of Life is a cross-disciplinary Masters Course in the science of animal-derived foods. In a unique way, the course combines animal science and food science and technology focusing on social as well as cultural and, of course, scientific aspects of the food production chain.

What will I study?
Through the EM Food of Life Masters Course, you will acquire basic theoretical knowledge, practical techonologies, and research and development methodologies preparing you for a career in the food production industries. You will work with topics such as:
  • How to meet increased global requirements for meat and milk products
  • How to deal with increased emphasis on product quality, proven health benefits for the consumer
  • How to improve animal health and welfare reduced environment impact
Two Universities – Double Degree
As an EM Food of Life student, you must study in two of the consortium partner countries. If you hold an Erasmus Mundus scholarship, these two countries must be different from the country in which you obtained your last university degree.
You will also have the opportunity for a shorter study period in Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand or Italy.
The course is taught in English and leads to the award of a Double Degree (120 ECTS) in animal science and/or food science disciplines, depending on the choice of institutions.
EU funding
Every year 17-20 scholarships are available for Non-EU students (24.000 EUR/year) and EU students (10.000 EUR/year).

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Master in Agricultural, Food and Environmental Policy Analysis

Erasmus Mundus AFEPA
European Master in Agricultural, Food and
Environmental Policy Analysis

Information on Applications
For the 2012/13 academic year: The online application tool for both non-European and European students will be activated again from September 15, 2011 until January 10, 2012. Applications received during this period (all applications must have been postmarked on January 10, 2012 at the latest) will be considered for general admission into the programme AND for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship. The deadline for students that wish to apply for admission into the programme but NOT for an Erasmus Scholarship are March 31, 2012 for Non-European applicants and April 30, 2012 for European applicants. 

Duration in months: 24 months

Starting month of the Masters Course: September

Course description:

The European Master in Agricultural, Food and Environmental Policy Analysis aims at providing a high quality education in designing and assessing public policies targeted to the agricultural and food sector as well as the rural environment. This European Master responds to the increasing need to better understand and anticipate the various and often complex socio-economic and environmental effects of these policies either in a functioning market economy as in the European Union or in economies in a development or transition phase.

The European Master offers a two-year academic curriculum with integrated and advanced theoretical, methodological and empirical courses in economics and quantitative methods as well as in agricultural, food and environmental sciences, agricultural and trade policy, environmental and natural resource policy, rural development policy and agribusiness management and market analysis.

To connect theory and methodology to practice, a problem solving project is developed and presented as a master thesis at the end of the two-year curriculum.

The European Master is jointly organised by five leading European educational and research institutions: the Corvinius University of Budapest (CUB) in Hungary, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Sweden, the Rheinische-Friedric h-Wilhelms Universität Bonn (UBonn) in Germany, the Université catholique de Louvain (UCL) in Belgium and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) in Spain. These five partner universities are recognised worldwide for the quality of their educational programme and scientific achievements in agricultural, environmental and economic sciences. The required 120 ECTS credit points are structured into three blocks: a minimum of two semesters of studies (55 ECTS) at a first partner university, as well as two semesters of studies (60 ECTS) at a second partner university, and two joint summer schools (5 ECTS) at partner universities. The language of instruction and examination is English for most of the courses in three partner universities while it is either French at UCL or Spanish at UPC for most of the courses. The Master degree is awarded as a double degree from the two home and host universities.

This European Master is accessible to candidates holding a bachelor degree or a recognized equivalent academic degree with a minimum of 180 ECTS or 3 years university study from an accredited institution, with sufficient undergraduate training in economics and agricultural or environmental sciences, with an excellent scholastic average, and with fluency in English but also French or Spanish if attending either UCL or UPC respectively.

Recipients of this European Master are qualified to understand the fundamentals of public policies oriented to the agricultural and food sector, rural areas and natural resources, develop and use quantitative methods to perform rigorous socio-economic and environmental assessment of these public policies, and provide sound and relevant policy recommendations for a more sustainable development of this sector and rural areas. They are qualified to take responsibilities in international, national and regional agencies, non-governmental organisations, consultancy firms, professional organisations and private companies.

Main area: Social sciences (including economics), cultural sciences
Second area: Agricultural and forestry sciences
Third area: Geography, earth and environmental studies
At the end of the course, graduated students will be awarded a double degree.
Tuition fees: 3000 €/per year for EU students
6000 €/per year for Third country students

Institution Contact person

Coordinator : CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF LOUVAIN, Belgium Prof. Bruno Henry de Frahan
Partners: CORVINUS UNIVERSITY OF BUDAPEST, Hungary Prof. Csaba Forgacs
UNIVERSITY OF BONN, Germany Prof. Thomas Heckelei

MSc/PhD Scholarships at UNAM, Mexico

A number of fully funded PhD and Masters scholarships are available within the Joint Postgraduate Program in Mathematical Science of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Campus Morelia, and the Michoacan University of San Nicolas of Hidalgo. 

The PhD scholarships are tenable for up to 3 years and have a stipend of 10,768 Mexican Pesos per month (770 US Dollars, equivalent to six Mexican minimum wages). The Masters scholarships are tenable for up to 2 years and have a stipend of 8,076 Mexican Pesos per month (577 US Dollars, equivalent to four and a half Mexican minimum wages). Health coverage will be provided by the Mexican social security system.

Applicants should have or expect to gain a university degree in Mathematics or related discipline with an average of 8 or higher on a 10 point scale. Non- Spanish speakers are expected to become proficient in Spanish within two years.

The preferred starting date is 7th February 2012. Deadline for applications is 3rd November 2011. The entrance exam is scheduled for 5th November 2011. Foreign students are required to arrange for a faculty member to supervise the exam at their home institution.

A complete application includes a cover letter addressed to the Comité Académico del Posgrado en Matemáticas specifying contact details, CV, copies of university degrees, a copy of an identity document (passport, driving licence, etc), and contact details of two academic referees. Applications should be send electronically to admission-pccm@ fismat.umich. mx.

For further details visit: (in Spanish).

For informal enquiries, please contact Dr. Elmar Wagner, email: admission-pccm@ fismat.umich. mx.

"Morelia, a city of about 1 million, rests on a gentle sloping hill overlooking the Valley of Guayangero and is another of Mexico's colonial gems. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Artistic sight. At an elevation of 6,399 feet above sea level, Morelia's climate provides spring-like days throughout the year." (www.mexonline. com/michoacan/ morelia-info. htm)

Scholarship Opportunities at Inha University Graduate School

As one of designated universities for Korean Government Scholarship Program, the graduate school offers world-class professional education to foster future leaders with global mind and professionalism.

The Graduate School would like to give admission information to guide potential applicants.

For detailed information, visit the graduate school homepage.
Application Period 
1) Admission for Spring semester : From mid-March to the first week of April
2) Admission for Fall semester : From mid-September to the first week of October
Admission Guidelines : All applicants must complete both on-line application and documents submission on time. You can check the list of application documents by visiting this webpage. 
1) Korean :
2) English :
 Scholarship Guidelines : The graduate school provides various kinds of scholarships to graduate students. Qualified students are allowed to receive Jungseok International scholarship covering either full or half of the tuition. In addition to this, international students can also receive additional support through various kinds of assistantships. 

For detailed information, visit
 Student Ambassadorship 
For e-mail assistance regarding 'Application procedures' from Inha Student Ambassadors, visit

Send an e-mail to one of student ambassadors and get some help from him or her.

Applicants may also contact the Inha University graduate school office:
- E-mail
- Phone : [International Call]             +82-32-860-8389      
[Domestic Call]             032-860-8389      

Fully-funded PhD studentships in social sciences, Brunel University

The School of Social Sciences at Brunel University is proud to announce nine fully-funded PhD studentships in social sciences for UK, EU and international students starting in January 2012 (or as soon as possible thereafter) in any of the following areas:

¢ Anthropology
¢ Economics and Finance
¢ Politics
¢ International Relations and History
¢ Psychology
¢ Sociology and Communications

Full details about the scholarships can be found at:

For more information about Anthropology at Brunel:

Deadline for applications is: WEDNESDAY 23 NOVEMBER 2011

Interested applicants are advised to contact prospective doctoral supervisors in a first instance.

The Japan-IMF Scholarship Program for Asia (JISPA) 2012

The Japan-IMF Scholarship Program for Asia (JISPA) was first introduced in 1993. It is funded by the Government of Japan, administered by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and conducted at various graduate schools in Japan. Its objective is to contribute to institutional capacity building in economic policymaking to promote the sustainable growth of emerging and developing economies in Asia and the Pacific. By training future macroeconomic managers in these countries, the JISPA aims to enable them to better formulate sound economic and financial stability policies needed for sustainable growth and development.

Scholarship Provider: Government of Japan and International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Scholarship can be taken at: Japan
Open For International Students: Yes [ Only to Asian Students]
Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Lao P.D.R., Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pacific Island Countries, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam.
What Scholarship Covers:
The scholarship covers tuition-related costs and most living expenses for the scholar herself/himself. Officials who receive the JISPA scholarship cannot accept other scholarships. Scholars are expected to devote full time to their studies while in Japan.
How to Apply:
The program comprises two tracks: the partnership track and the open track.
Application Deadline:
December 10, 2011 for Partnership Track Program
There is no application deadline for the Open Track Program. Applications are accepted and reviewed year-round.

Master in Mediazione Culturale Pediatrico Infantile - II° Edizione

Si comunica l'apertura delle iscrizioni alla II edizione del Master in “Mediazione Culturale Pediatrico Infantile”, che avrà inizio il 26 novembre 2011 e che resteranno aperte fino al giorno antecedente la data di presentazione in aula del terzo modulo, in calendario per il 24 marzo 2012, in quanto è prevista la possibilità di un eventuale recupero didattico attraverso un programma di formazione a distanza (FAD) e tutoraggio per ciascuno dei tre moduli pregressi.

Il Master, organizzato dal Consorzio Interuniversitario For.Com, in collaborazione con Ubi Minor, ha come obbiettivo l'identificazione e l'inserimento della figura professionale innovativa del Mediatore Culturale Pediatrico Infantile, sia nei contesti dell’'immigrazione che in quelli della Cooperazione Internazionale.

Al termine del Corso, previo accertamento dell'idoneità con esami finali, il For.Com, rilascerà l'Attestato di Master in Mediazione Culturale Pediatrico Infantile, che per i laureati dà titolo a 85 Crediti Formativi Universitari (CFU) e a tutti i partecipanti 3 punti per la partecipazione ai Concorsi Pubblici (ove previsto dalla normativa vigente).

Inoltre, per quanto il Master sia principalmente rivolto a laureandi e laureati stranieri e italiani, il Direttivo Docenti, dato il carattere professionale oltre che accademico del corso di studio in oggetto, si riserva anche la possibilità di accettare iscrizioni di diplomati che si distinguano per i loro curricula di studio o professionali, ai quali verrà comunque rilasciato l'Attestato di Master, valevole 3 Punti nei Pubblici Concorsi (ove la normativa vigente lo preveda) e che dà titolo a 85 Crediti Formativi non universitari, ma non potranno usufruire degli 85 Crediti Formativi Universitari (CFU) inerenti invece alla carriera accademica.
Il Master in oggetto è collocabile nell'ambito dei Corsi di Alta Formazione definito dal D.M. 509/99 che sancisce l'equivalenza tra l'Alta Formazione permanente e ricorrente e le attività didattiche di base specialistiche e di perfezionamento scientifico (Master di I° e II° livello), nonché la previsione di nuove tipologie di titoli rilasciati dalle Università, in aggiunta o in deroga a quelli determinati dall' art. 1 della Legge N° 341 del 19 Novembre 1990 (Art. 6, 8, 11).

N.B. Ai sensi del Programma di Educazione Continua, i professionisti che operano negli ambiti psico-socio-sanitari ed educativi, sono esonerati dall'acquisire i crediti formativi E.C.M. per gli anni 2011-2012.

La Direzione
Il Master si pregia del Patrocinio di Roma Capitale, Municipio III

Informazioni e Didattica: e- mail: mobile 0039.3293150964 oppure 0039. 339.3540245
Iscrizioni: - Alta Formazione e-mail: tel. 0039 06 3608151 - fax 0039 06 36005403

Aarhus University Scholarship

The honey bee colony is a prime example of a natural homeostatic system. Energy, water and proteins are collected and spent while the temperature inside the hive is kept stable, and the colony keeps adjusting to the seasons, the weather and the available resources. Research has been carried out on all of these aspects but only few mathematical models of the honey bee colony have been published, and none of them include the homeostatic mechanisms which make the system unique.

A mathematical model of honeybee colony dynamics would be an important tool to achieve a better understanding of colony functioning. The improved understanding would result in better guidelines and decision tools which would help beekeepers to keep bee colonies healthy and to realize their full pollination potential. The student will be responsible for developing such a model and will be carrying out supporting empirical studies in Denmark and USA.
Reference Number: 5688
Study Subject: Honey bee colony dynamics model, computer software, ecology, evolution
Provided By: Aarhus University, Denmark
To be undertaken at: non-Australian institutions.
Level: Post Graduate (Research)
This scholarship is offered once only to one person. Open for applications from November 1, 2010 until April 30, 2012.
Payment Information
The value of this scholarship is DKK1400000 (total amount). This award is to be used for accommodation, research, living expenses, travel and fees. This scholarship is paid monthly for the period of 3 years.
Research Information
This scholarship is for one of the following fields of research: Computer software or Ecology and evolution. It is required that your study starts no earlier than June 1, 2012 and no later than December 21, 2012.
This scholarship is for study in Denmark or United States for those who have achieved Masters or equivalent. There are no restrictions on citizenship.
Application Details
To apply for this scholarship you must apply directly to the scholarship provider. Terms and conditions are subject to change. Always confirm details with scholarship provider before applying.
Main Contact
Niels Holst (Senior Scientist)
Dep.of Agroecology, Aarhus University, Denmark,

Asia Pacific Leadership Program (APLP) 2012-2013

The East-West Center is pleased to invite applications for the Asia Pacific Leadership Program (APLP) for the 2012 – 2013 year. The APLP is the center of excellence for leadership education in the Asia Pacific region and a signature program of the East-West Center.

Currently celebrating its 11th anniversary, the APLP has created a network of 400 dynamic leaders in 53 countries who are helping to build a peaceful, prosperous and just Asia Pacific community. Upon acceptance, all participants receive a fellowship valued at approximately $15,000 USD to cover the majority of the program costs.
Program Goals
The Asia Pacific Leadership Program seeks outstanding individuals from all walks of life (government, business, NGOs, health sciences, media, monastic orders, and education) to participate in an innovative leadership development program at the East-West Center in Honolulu, Hawai’i.
From August – December 2012, 40 Fellows from around the globe will join regional specialists and leadership educators in a dynamic learning community. Through APLP, Fellows will:
Explore leadership techniques and tools
Analyze personal leadership strengths and weaknesses
Grasp and be able to communicate implications of regional and global trends
Survey a wide range of content including climate change, demographics, international relations and global markets
Connect with a diverse range of global specialists and researchers
Forge deeper intercultural communication skills and join a lifelong learning community at the East-West Center
Develop enhanced abilities to navigate regional and personal change
From January – April 2013, Fellows have the option to participate in extended fieldwork in Southeast Asia, internships, self-designed projects or an employment experience.
A wide range of supplemental scholarships are available.
Application and Eligibility Details
For more information about the Asia Pacific Leadership Program, please visit our website at:
For inquiries, contact us via email at aplp(at) or call us via Skype (AsiaPacificLeadershipProgram).

Post Doctoral Pharmacy Fellowship

Company Description:

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, founded in 1823, is a coeducational college offering graduate, professional and undergraduate degrees in the health sciences. As a private and independent institution with a long and distinguished history, the College provides traditional and non-traditional programs of study that serve the needs of the community. With campuses in Boston and Worcester, Massachusetts, and Manchester, New Hampshire, the College enrolls over 4000 students, who are drawn from 41 states and 34 foreign countries, and employs approximately 400 faculty and staff.

Job Description:

The Department of Pharmacy Practice invites applications for a Post Doctoral Pharmacy Fellowship. In this two-year fellowship program, the Pharmacy Fellow will train in the area of Clinical Research and Development at Fresenius Medical Care North America (FMCNA) in Waltham, Massachusetts. This postgraduate training program will focus on research, training, and experiences related to clinical trials of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. The Pharmacy Fellow will participate in all aspects of clinical trials research including quality and safety requirements. The Pharmacy Fellow will report to the Fellowship Key Preceptor at FMCNA and will gain experience in teaching in areas of clinical trials, regulatory affairs, and health policy within the academic setting at MCPHS-Boston. Occasional travel will be required for presentation and professional meetings related to the fellowship program.


Required: A Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD degree); medical writing skills; effective oral and writing communication skills; time management skills; computer proficiency and the ability to apply current knowledge of electronic tools to ensure efficient daily operations.

Application Instructions:

Please attach a cover letter, a resume or curriculum vitae, and contact information for three professional references. No relocation available. Principals only. Finalist candidates will be subject to a background check. MCPHS is an equal opportunity employer. Applicants who would enrich the College’s diversity are welcome to apply.

More detail information, Please visit the Website

ANU Centre for European Studies Doctoral Scholarships

Application Deadline : No later than the 14th November 2011

Eligibility Criteria

Bachelors degree with first-class honours, or a Masters degree from a recognised university.

Scholarship and Benefits

A$23,728 (2012 rate) per annum, tax free paid in fortnightly installments; a funded place in the doctoral degree for domestic (Australian and New Zealand) candidates; travel to Canberra from within Australia; reimbursement of some removal expenses; fieldwork funding; thesis reimbursement allowance. International students will be liable for course fees.


Three years full-time. The award is not available for part-time study.

How to apply?

Submit an application form, research proposal, and CV electronically by the closing date The application form can be downloadedhere.

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Teaching Fellowship in Marketing

This new post is a demonstration that Brunel University is committed to enhancing student engagement and their learning experience. We are keen to hear from those with teaching experience in the areas of Marketing Principles, International Marketing, Market Research, Marketing Communications. The Business School is seeking applicants with a passion for teaching and for supporting the pastoral care of students. Specifically, the role will require:
  • Teaching experience at undergraduate and postgraduate levels;
  • Capability to act as a role model in teaching and curriculum management;
  • Widely recognised passion for teaching and learning matters;
  • Proven ability to plan and lead the design and delivery of high quality teaching programmes;
  • Ability to supervise UG and PG student projects;
  • Active contribution to the School’s strategy on teaching and student engagement;.
  • Effective collaboration in team teaching;
  • Continuous engagement and delivery of the student learning experience;
  • Mentoring of more junior colleagues;
  • Positive engagement with other academic and administrative staff to manage learning resources effectively;
  • Contributions to the running of School through participation in workshops, committees, and other decision-making activities;
  • Active membership of the BBS Student Support team
For informal general discussion regarding the above post, please contact Professor Keith Dickson (

More detail information, Please visit the Website

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