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Canada : Graduate student fellowships- Centre for Studies in Religion and Society

Ian H. Stewart Graduate Student Fellowships (2)

Vandekerkhove Family Trust Graduate Student Fellowships (2)

The Centre for Studies in Religion and Society invites applications from UVic graduate students for one-year fellowship appointments at the centre commencing September 2013.
The centre welcomes applications for projects that meet its mandate of promoting the interdisciplinary study of religion in relation to any and all aspects of society and culture, both contemporary and historical. Topics may include, but are not limited to, examinations of religious themes within the areas of ethics, health, environment, technology, public policy, human conflict, art, literature, the media, and social currents and debates within philosophy and/or the natural sciences. Applications from all disciplinary backgrounds are welcome.
The fellowships are open to all University of Victoria graduate students in the process of writing either an MA thesis or major research paper, or a PhD dissertation, on issues related to the centre's research mandate. Students who have received a previous CSRS award at the MA level may not reapply until they are registered in a PhD program. PhD students can receive a CSRS award only once.
$5,000 per fellowship, plus office space at the CSRS.
Four fellowships are available, two from each category (Ian H. Stewart and Vandekerkhove Family Trust). Application procedures and criteria for both categories are the same.
Fellows are expected to conduct their work in the centre's quarters, to participate actively in the programs and activities of the centre and to give at least one public seminar or lecture on the theme of their research. Graduate students are also invited to participate in the editing and production ofIllumine, a peer-reviewed graduate student journal published annually by the CSRS.
Application Procedure
All applications must include one (1) double-sided copy of the following: i) a title that clearly identifies the subject of the project; ii) a 500-word summary of the project written for an interdisciplinary audience. Please include in your statement indication of why the project fits at the CSRS and a description of methodology that makes it clear what activities you will focus on during your year in residence at the centre; iii) a curriculum vitae; iv) official transcripts (graduate and undergraduate); v) a supporting letter from the applicant’s supervisor; vi) a letter of support from another professor or former professor of the candidate.
Deadline - Friday, February 1, 2013
Completed applications may be submitted to Dr. Paul Bramadat, Director, Centre for Studies in Religion and Society, University of Victoria. Applications may also be sent by email to
Selection will be made by the CSRS Program Committee, based on the academic merit of the proposal, the views of the referees and the student’s record of academic achievement.
Application Deadline : 1 February 2013

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